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About Us:-

We at MIKA believe in “Customer is King”, and hence all the demands of the king have to be fulfilled.

With this belief etched in the minds of our MIKA team, we have included various value added services which makes the MIKA buying experience for our customers MAGICAL.

Our services include:

Free delivery within Nairobi and Mombasa.

Free installation (subject to specific products)

Passionate MIKA sales team to assist you, our customer, throughout your buying process.

Tactful and easy-to- understand product demonstrations conducted by our sales team to enhance MIKA product understanding and make them more relatable and user friendly to the customers.

Impeccable MIKA After-Sales team dedicated to serve our customers, available to them 24/7.

Any queries regarding issues arising after the purchase of MIKA products, such as installation, assembling, or operating the product will be handled within a quick response time, as we don’t like keeping our customers waiting, and believe time is money.

Complete availability of spares parts of all the products.

Dedicated MIKA Customer Care team to look after the needs, queries, issues, FAQ’s of our esteemed customers and the public at large.

MIKA is here for you! 


Let's Work Together

Assistant on Site:-

General Contact:-0800-221-222-Toll Free

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