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How can I make a leasing enquiry?

By reaching out to our Property Manager  via

Reach out to the Marketing Manager  via:-

How do I know of planned pop up markets? How often do you have pop up markets?

Reach out to the Marketing Manager  via:-

  1.  Twitter: City Mall Nyali​

  2. Facebook: City Mall Nyali

  3. Instagram: citymallnyali & citymallpopupmarket

  • Pop up markets are dependent on the general calendar

  • Themed pop up markets are held on months with no marked occasions in the general calendar.

  • A dressed table and two chairs is provided for each exhibitor. A customised/branded stand may be used upon approval.

  • T & Cs apply

Is City Mall PWD friendly?

Yes we are.

  • On the ground and 2nd floor of the mall we have PWD friendly washrooms.

  • Ramps at mall entry points for easy accessibility with a wheel chair from basement entry points.

  • PWD parking lots at the mall entry and basement 1 (phase 2).

Is City Mall family friendly?

Yes we are.

  • We now have family washrooms at phase 3 on ground and 1st floor.

  • We provide a serene environment fit for families.

What activities can children indulge in while at the mall?

  • Kidzania Adventures -Kids play area located at the 3rd floor (phase 2) of the mall. For more details please visit and or kidzania.citymall on Instagram.

  • 9D Cinemas at the 1st floor (phase 2).

  • Pony rides at the 1st floor (phase 2).

Is City Mall COVID aware?

Yes we are. ​​

  • Kidzania- our Kids play area is closed from 2pm to 3pm for sanitisation.

  • Automatic taps at the washrooms.

Is City Mall safe?

Yes we are.

  • 24 hr CCTV coverage​.

  • Guards at every floor of the mall and at the entrances and exits.

  • A well maintained relationship with local police and County Govt for up to date information on security matters.

  • Walk through metal detectors at each entrance.

  • Deployed armed police officers.

  • Search vehicle underneath concave mirrors.

Is City Mall eco-friendly?

Yes we are.

  • All our lighting units are energy saving units.

  • The air conditioning units are scheduled to switch off on floors that are inactive at specific times.

  • Our escalators have in them a variable frequency drive (sensor) that enables them to roll at a lower speed while unoccupied.

  • We use grease straps too while draining water into the soak pit. This ensures oils used by the various restaurants does not reach the soil.

  • Automatic taps at the washrooms curb water wastage.

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