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At City Mall our focus, as always, is on the health and safety of our customers, team, associates and communities we serve. Our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19.


We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing  and are committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers and associates as the situation evolves.


We are taking sensible preventative measures to help provide a safe and clean environment so that you can still continue to enjoy the best possible shopping experience with us.


We are following guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and encouraging frequent handwashing with soap as well as use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers  positioned strategically within the mall.


Educating and instructing our team to take preventative measures such as avoiding physical contact with others and maintaining social distancing.


Thank you for allowing us to continue serving you and for your continued support and trust in us.


How can I make a leasing enquiry?

By reaching out to our Property Manager  via

How can I reach a specific store?

  • Click on the store tab on the home page. 

  • Choose store you wish to contact.

  • The contact options are under each store profile.

  • Alternatively you can reach out via their social media handles.

How can I make an in-mall branding and or advertising enquiry?

Reach out to the Marketing Manager  via:-

How do I know of planned pop up markets? How often do you have pop up markets?

Reach out to the Marketing Manager  via:-

  1.  Twitter: City Mall Nyali​

  2. Facebook: City Mall Nyali

  3. Instagram: citymallnyali & citymallpopupmarket

  • Pop up markets are dependent on the general calendar

  • Themed pop up markets are held on months with no marked occasions in the general calendar.

  • A dressed table and two chairs is provided for each exhibitor. A customised/branded stand may be used upon approval.

  • T & Cs apply

Coronavirus Measures

Is City Mall PWD friendly?

Yes we are.

  • On the ground and 2nd floor of the mall we have PWD friendly washrooms.

  • Ramps at mall entry points for easy accessibility with a wheel chair from basement entry points.

  • PWD parking lots at the mall entry and basement 1 (phase 2).

Is City Mall family friendly?

Yes we are.

  • We now have family washrooms at phase 3 on ground and 1st floor.

  • We provide a serene environment fit for families.

What activities can children indulge in while at the mall?

  • Kidzania Adventures -Kids play area located at the 3rd floor (phase 2) of the mall. For more details please visit and or kidzania.citymall on Instagram.

  • Fun rides by Kidzania Rides available at the 2nd floor-new wing.

  • 9D Cinemas at the 1st floor (phase 2).

  • Pony rides at the 1st floor (phase 2).

Is City Mall COVID aware?

Yes we are. ​​

  • Kidzania- our Kids play area is closed from 2pm to 3pm for sanitisation.

  • Sanitisation spots at the entrances of most stores and visible COVID protocol branding on most outlets.

  • Automatic taps at the washrooms.

Is City Mall safe?

Yes we are.

  • 24 hr CCTV coverage​.

  • Guards at every floor of the mall and at the entrances and exits.

  • A well maintained relationship with local police and County Govt for up to date information on security matters.

  • Walk through metal detectors at each entrance.

  • Deployed armed police officers.

  • Search vehicle underneath concave mirrors.

Is City Mall eco-friendly?

Yes we are.

  • All our lighting units are energy saving units.

  • The air conditioning units are scheduled to switch off on floors that are inactive at specific times.

  • Our escalators have in them a variable frequency drive (sensor) that enables them to roll at a lower speed while unoccupied.

  • We use grease straps too while draining water into the soak pit. This ensures oils used by the various restaurants does not reach the soil.

  • Automatic taps at the washrooms curb water wastage.

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