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About Us:-

Manix Clothing Store started operations in November 1997 at 20th Century Plaza, Kaunda Street, and dealing in Hi-fashion men’s wear branded products in Nairobi. 


The family business retail experience goes way back up to 50 years. Currently the group operations total up to thirteen retail stores in Nairobi and Mombasa. 


Under Levi’s Store chain, there are 7 stores operational in Nairobi and 1 in Mombasa. 


The Adage ‘there is more to clothing than just covering one-self’ is not only applicable but quite appropriate in describing Manix Clothing Store as a trend-setter in men’s clothing in Nairobi. 


The overriding objective at Manix is to package men’s wear such that the buyer gets both the quality and value for money at the same time. 


Sourcing of various brands are done from various parts of the world which include countries like U.K, Germany, Spain, India, South Africa, Turkey and Middle East and company enjoys esteemed goodwill amongst its overseas suppliers. 


Let’s Work Together:-

Assistant on Site: Mary Wambui

Time:- Monday to Saturday 10:00am-7:30 pm

General Contact:

+254 788 567 200

+254 722 107 961



Facebook: Manix Clothing Store

Instagram: manixclothing

Twitter: @manixclothing

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