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About Us:-

Healthy U 2000 Ltd has been in operation since 1984, starting off as a small family business.


The company’s main goal is to institute a healthy lifestyle for its clients, by way of supply of healthy goods and information on healthy living. Healthy U boasts of being the first in East Africa to introduce products that are geared towards leading a healthy lifestyle.


The company has managed to understand fully the general retail trends in Kenya, thus ensuring we are always years ahead of any potential competitors.


The brand ‘HEALTHY U’ has evolved tremendously over the years, and developed a value that consumers can relate to and believe in. There are strategic plans of eventually getting products and services under this brand name.


At the retail shops, you will find food supplements ranging from vitamins, body building products to herbs. We also have a wide variety of speciality foods like gluten free and lactose free, whole foods, cereals, dried fruits, seeds, baby foods and natural cosmetics.



Let’s Work Together:-

Assistant on site: Salim


Time:- Monday to Sunday 9.00am – 7:00pm

General Contact: +254 709 694 230




Facebook: @healthyu2000

Instagram: healthyuke

Twitter: @healthyuke

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