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About Us:-

Cafesserie is a French style Brasserie uniquely balanced to merge high standards, freshness and quality with convenience and service.


The combined coffee shop and a restaurant give the perfect option for leisure time of all occasions; espresso and a croissant, romantic dinner or a drink at the bar.


Our in house bakery provides freshly baked breads and pastries daily, which are also sold in the bread shop along with our coffee.


At Cafesserie, we pride ourselves for having the best and finest coffee beans in town. It’s with these beans that we founded our own unique blends.


The restaurant has been set to create an exquisite dining experience in a recreation atmosphere. Our menu is influenced by both the French and Italian cultures. Our dishes have a delectable taste that was gotten from our fresh farm produce, fragrant herbs and professionally selected spices. We use what is seasonal, believing that food should be nourishing and delicious. Nothing but the finest ingredients makes it to your table…


Live entertainment, cocktail specials, candle light dinner or coffee and cake – we have it all!

Let’s Work Together:-

Assistant on site: Angela


Time: Open from 7:00am - 11:00pm


General Contact: 020 2023 769, 020 2023 738




Facebook: Cafesserie Mombasa

Instagram: cafesseriekenya


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