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About Us:-

At Basic Intimates™ we are definitely different from other lingerie enterprises.


That is because we are more focused on delivery of a world class variety of exclusive clothing lines, to meet different customer needs. Our lingerie haven is known for its selective brassiere’s, night wear, swim wear, socks and a wide range of undergarments.


We take pride in being the first ever exclusive lingerie store in Kenya. Basic Intimates was founded in 2005 and has grown immensely to its current stores. We also proud support the breast cancer campaign and therefore have recently stocked the special bras to cater for our beloved ones who have suffered the writhe.

Basic Intimates is fully owned by Pretty Hearts Limited

Let’s Work Together:-

Assistant on Site:


Monday-Sunday 9:00-8:00pm


General Contact: +254 7254 50 017



Facebook: Basic Intimates

Instagram: basic_intimates

Twitter: @basicintimateskenya

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