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About Us:-

The Levi’s® brand epitomises classic American style and effortless cool.


Since the jeans invention by Levi Strauss in 1873, Levi’s® jeans have become the most recognisable and imitated clothing in the world – capturing the imagination and loyalty of people for generations.


Today, our brand’s portfolio continues to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry. Our range of leading jeans wear and accessories are available in more than 110 countries, allowing individuals around the world to express their personal style.

Let’s Work Together:-

Assistant on Site: Loise Asewe 


Monday to Saturday: 10:00am-7:30 pm

Sunday -Public Holidays:10:00am-6:30pm

General Contact:

+254 791 390 753

++254 788 567 200

Email :



Facebook: Manix Clothing Store

Instagram: @manixclothing


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