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About Us:-

Dazzle jewellers speaks for itself, situated along the plush locale of Nyali, its hue is the reflection of the classy surroundings of its location, a fine way of transmitting the image of tranquility both in its physical surroundings as well as in the objectives it pursues.

Dazzle is in a position to give quality time to dealings with its clients.

It is synonymous with customer satisfaction as top priority. It aims to provide a homely, caring, and secure enviroment wherein the customer’s jewel buying experience is made as simple and as smooth as possible. The customer receives guidance on every detail and experiences a variety of stones and jewels to choose from.

Perfect for today’s changing modern lifestyle and peoples desires of keeping up with the fashion. We at Dazzle bring to you the latest collection of jewels, ranging from silver modern and antique jewellery, 22kt traditional and modern jewellery, 18kt fashionable jewellery, whitegold jewellery and gemstone jewellery not to forget our exquisite diamond jewellery worth getting dazzled by…

At dazzle jewellers the commitment to perfection is driven by your impeccable taste.

We welcome you to our showroom to experience a new international standard in jewellery. 

Let's Work Together:-

Assistant on Site:-
General Contact:-+254 786 867 900

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